Discoverability – the only Growth Panacea for E-commerce Businesses

The best thing that can happen to a business is that it gets more ready customers than it desires to get! Utopian idea, does it seem? And what if we say that it is possible, not only for B2C, but also for B2B enterprises in the e-commerce domain! Seems too good to be true? Well, you are not mistaken if you think it can’t be. Not because it is not possible but because you may have no ready examples of businesses that are reaping huge returns by doing what most don’t do just because they don’t know it can be done. So when one does not have examples at hand to fall back on, one is inclined to think otherwise.

Not anybody’s fault!

The truth is that businesses exist because consumers exist. The logical next step is that businesses must be present where their customers are. Since the last couple of decades, retail consumers have increasingly shifted their presence to online marketplaces from brick-and-mortar stores. Sellers, brands, and resellers who realized this shift early embraced the online model to remain in business. They either started their own online stores or started selling on popular local online marketplaces that their customers frequented for shopping. This worked for them because for them, their local selling continued and only the mode changed. But the truth is that even these sellers, brands, and resellers can easily and significantly add to their bottom lines by reaching out to millions of new ready customers.

But what about the logistics and warehousing businesses that were completely dependent on brick-and-mortar retail? Well, they bore the brunt of this shift in the consumers’ buying pattern. We have numerous examples of enterprises from these sectors that are struggling to survive because they have lost their relevance in the e-commerce model. So is there a way out for these businesses that can help them to not only survive, but also thrive?

Yes, there sure is. All these businesses need to do is answer this simple question: Does your Business EXIST in your Customer’s Mind? Discoverability has assumed nonpareil importance in the e-commerce era. All constituents of online retail such as sellers, resellers, brands, consolidators, custom clearing agents, and forwarders now have SaaS technology to fall back on to get rid of all their woes. Some SaaS products seamlessly integrate all these e-commerce entities and make them part of huge global networks. A business can easily become part of the network by just signing-up with a SaaS product that already has integrations with global players in place. Once a business is part of the network, it automatically becomes visible and discoverable to all other businesses in the network. In effect, sellers, resellers, and online marketplaces easily find 3PL players, warehouses, consolidators, custom clearing agents, and forwarders whose services they can easily avail. This can happen vice versa too. What’s more, transactions between all these parties become flawless because all of them use the same SaaS platform.

Hence, just by using a cutting-edge SaaS product, all types of sellers can sell locally and globally on cross-border marketplaces and use the global network to store their inventory and ship and deliver orders across the globe.

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