Why Service Ratings can Make or Break Your Online Shop!

Sellers, the truth about success in online selling is actually out there! If you’ve not yet figured it out, here it is. Well, it is true that there are many aspects that we need to consider as to what a seller should do right, where they should concentrate more, and which areas of their business are absolutely critical for their success. Hence, let us deliberate on the latter part here, meaning, which aspects of their business will always remain crucial, irrespective of their scale and area of operation.

Let’s get it straight. Sellers should always pay more attention to their service ratings on marketplaces. This is one crucial area which can make or break their online business. So, what are the different things that affect a seller’s rating—positively and negatively—on marketplaces? Let’s check.

Ratings to sellers and their products are given by online shoppers, that is, people who buy products from them. It is important to understand that for online customers, there is no way in which they can get a real feel of a product before they buy it. They usually rely on previous ratings and feedback that other shoppers have given to the seller/product. Hence, if a product has good ratings, a customer makes a decision to buy it. Similarly, if the product has been on the receiving end of previous buyers, more often than not, a prospective customer will think twice before going for that product. Hence, it is important that every product in a seller’s catalogue has good customer ratings.

Also, because of the absence of a real feel of the product, online customers always check its description and content. Sellers should therefore see to it that their product description is complete, concise, and compelling and the product images are of great quality. Successful sellers make sure that they provide images that depict the product in all its available colors and hence provide the customer a wider choice. The images should ideally show the product from all possible angles too.

Another aspect that has a huge bearing on the service ratings of sellers on marketplaces is their delivery time. Customers always want their products to be shipped and delivered on or before time. It is observed that even if a product is of good quality but is delivered late, the customer many a time rates the seller poorly. Hence, sellers should always have reliable logistics partners who’ll deliver products as per the promised TAT. This is true about return logistics too. Customers want their requests about damaged products/product exchange to be taken up seriously by sellers. They want sellers to be agile and pick up damaged/exchange products soon and reship and deliver the replacements quickly. In this regard, customers also rate sellers based on their experience with the seller’s and/or marketplace’s customer service team. If the customer service team fails to respond politely in time, the seller should expect a lower rating from the customer.

Hence, it all boils down to how happy customers are about the products and service of a seller. Now, to raise their service ratings, sellers can fall back on SelluSeller, a SaaS tool that seamlessly takes care of all pain points that adversely affect them.

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