A Conversation with Fulfillment Group- On Delivering Stellar Supply Chain Services

The eCommerce wagon runs on the tracks of good supply and excellent connectivity. But, day-by-day, online retail increases customer expectations for quick and defect-free delivery. With big logistics companies focusing on traditional fulfillment models, modern retail demands begin to suffer.

In 2016, the Fulfilment Group decided to take advantage of this gap created by large freight forwarders. They began to support the online selling network with eCommerce logistics. The Hong-Kong based start-up launched itself as a warehousing and fulfillment solutions firm. And, its journey since then has been one filled with numerous ups and downs. However, the Fulfilment Group stills manages to emerge successful.

To understand what boosts their business, we spoke with the logistics and supply chain professionals and uncovered the keys to their success. Here are the major points of our discussion-

Global Aspirations

Fulfilment Group aspires to be the preferred fulfillment partner for current and new brands in the markets where their presence and dedicated services are needed.

So far, this has brought us from a single location operation in Hong Kong to having sites in China, Europe, and North America,” the company states.

Challenges of Being a Flexible Distributor

To be true to the high service level they want to deliver, which their brands desperately needed, they carried out business as a small start-up on a localized scale. It allowed for greater flexibility to match modern consumer demands. At the same time, this brought on full-scale costs.

What kept them on track was their ambition. Fulfilment Group mentions, “We believe this dedication to deliver on the commitment to our partners has paid off and brought us to where we are today.”

The Route to Expansion

Fulfilment Group believes it’s first clients played a key role in how it’s product was structured. To this day, they continue to evaluate their ongoing solutions to ensure client needs are fully met.

“eCommerce is not a field where you can afford to be complacent as a brand.  Your product, marketing, and fulfillment need to be on point to deliver the right consumer experience – we are proud to help deliver one component in this mix,” the company points out.

In fact, when marketing themselves, the simplicity and ease of implementing their global solutions speak on their own.

Hong Kong historically, and still today, is one of the largest transportation and consolidation hubs in the world. From its incomparable trade and infrastructure links to its open business environment and free port status, it made sense for the Fulfillment Group to establish its company here and they were proud to call Hong Kong home.

They say, “The Asia Pacific is the foundation of our business and it is our vision to continue to grow here as well as globally, through delivering value to our local and global partner brands.”

Impact of Global eCommerce Explosion on Logistics Players

In the next 3 years, they claim, “as supply chains continue to move from product to consumer-focused models we’ll see changes in technology and infrastructure that empower brands to get their products in front of consumers faster and with less friction. One of the key ways in which we will address this is- 

  • Growing our list of fulfillment and returns hubs globally,
  • Running a unified platform to bring our customers closer to the consumer,
  • Simplify brand operations by reducing the number of operating systems they use.”

The eCommerce market keeps getting bigger and so do the delivery demands from customers. So, to keep up, the startup must remain one step ahead of market changes and consumer behavior. It allows them to provide much-needed advice to clients, i.e. brands.
That’s not all, to strengthen their chances of sticking in the eCommerce logistics industry, Fulfillment Group has flexible and agile partners in various areas of their international business.

“Anchanto plays a key part in the latter and ensures our IT landscape is able to deliver value to our brands,” they claim based on their satisfactory experience with us.

Role of Partners

Anchanto’s cutting-edge SaaS technology enables sellers, 3PLs, brands, distributors and service providers to equip themselves with best-in-class eCommerce capabilities. Fulfillment group has been using Anchanto’s advanced eCommerce Warehouse Management System to start eCommerce fulfillment with their logistics assets.

“We are able to leverage a platform that is tailored to the specific needs of the SEA marketplace. It allows us to help our clients grow regionally by bringing them closer to consumers in a seamless way. The Anchanto software is a key component of our integrated solution which includes fulfillment warehouses in three regions globally, transport and final mile delivery and +15 years of experience understanding the retail and eCommerce space.”

“Anchanto was our choice because of its service-minded development team, customization options and integration capabilities with our other software and platforms. The support and value it adds to our overall eCommerce fulfillment solutions,” they continue to explain.

The Future

Over the next 4-5 years, the group plans on seeing through some very ambitious plans. This year itself, they plan to move into the US and European markets. The rest of their plans will focus is on opening more hubs to enable clients to reach new consumers faster and scale up their business.

“Persistency and true interest in learning about and understanding your customers. The latter is a differentiator that is simple, but not common. And, that’s our advice for budding entrepreneurs and start-ups considering expansion in Hong Kong, “ the Fulfillment Group supplied.

New age fulfillment companies need to find the right technology to complete their business tasks efficiently. Every logistics company, has its own specialties. And, the Fulfilment Group boosts theirs through partnerships with Anchanto’s technology solutions.

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