How Some Sellers Get Promoted by Marketplaces for Free- I

Every online seller wants to sell more and profit more from their association with marketplaces. Some sellers always seem to do all the right things and even the marketplaces seem to assist them to grow their business. On the other hand, we see some other sellers who are constantly struggling to match their competition and yet failing. So, what is it that some sellers know and do to consistently succeed that others don’t? Why is it that marketplaces push products of some sellers and not of other ones? Let’s see!

Successful sellers understand that if they want to be pushed by marketplaces and be part of free promotions laid out by them, then they have to take care of a few things. Let us take a detailed look at them.

Choosing the right categories of products

These sellers are aware that theirs is a give and take relationship with marketplaces. They know that they always have to do the right things that will help these marketplaces in creating a positive name for themselves in the e-commerce ecosystem. Hence, these sellers study and choose the right categories to sell their products on those particular marketplaces. They take informed decisions about which category of products works well on which marketplace and then list their products accordingly.

Honoring marketplace SLAs

They are well aware of the importance of honoring marketplace SLAs about product delivery period to the end customer. They see to it that they tie up only with the most reliable logistics partners that will always deliver their products in or on time to the customer. They understand that a large part of online customers’ satisfaction is about timely delivery of products to end users.

Using the right tools and software

Successful sellers also rely on products like SelluSeller to take care of listing, pricing, product creation, and order and logistics management. These sellers see to it that their product catalogues make sense to the end customer who visits a particular marketplace and include items that sell easily/quickly.

Creating impeccable content and imagery

They also make sure that their product content is impeccable in terms of information and clarity. They invest in professional content writers who write crisp, compelling, concise yet complete product descriptions and also in professional photographers who capture awesome images of their products. They also see to it that they provide images of all their products in all available colors and angles to marketplaces. This is because these sellers understand that online customers buy products based on a product’s online feel, that is, its images and colors, among other things. All these aspects make their products stand out on marketplaces and help in enticing customers to buy them.

Attracting customers

 All the above when done right lead to attracting huge number of customers and in turn boost the sales  volume.

Once all of this is in place, the sellers’ order volume increases because they attract hordes of customers. Marketplaces pay keen attention to such sellers who attract buyers by doing all the right things on their platform. They separate such sellers from the rest because they know that these ones are really serious about their business and want to grow. Basically, marketplaces categorize such sellers as “dependable” ones. Hence, once a marketplace shortlists a seller for all the right reasons, it starts promoting the seller on various avenues.

Read the next part about how marketplaces help such sellers in getting more business on their platform.

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